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January 31 2020

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A snowy blizzard blankets trees in Minecraft.
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A very impressive-looking desert home in Minecraft. It's a little modern for my own tastes, but still impressive.
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An underwater temple in Minecraft. I wonder what awaits me inside there? Monsters? Traps? Treasure maps? I guess there's just one way to find out.

I love exploring underwater locations in Minecraft, but I have to come up with a better system for underwater breathing. I tried the turtle shell helmet thing but it's not that great. I might need to start trying my hand at brewing potions instead.
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Suburban houses in Minecraft at night. Looking like they're ready for Halloween.
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Bright city lights bring brilliance to the night in Minecraft. That almost sounds poetic, doesn't it?
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A volcanic island in Minecraft. I was going to build a house here but I guess not.
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An impressive mansion in Minecraft at sunset.
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Dramatic landscape at sunset in Minecraft

October 22 2019

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The sun sets over the acacia forest near my cave home.
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I always get a little thrill when I find a chest in a minecart deep inside underground dungeons in Minecraft. This chest didn't have much exciting inside. Just a lot of torches, some beetroot seeds, and other odds n' ends.
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I found a dungeon while digging down beneath my cave house. I don't have armor yet, so I need to be careful when peeking around the corners. And those cobwebs look very ominous.

September 24 2019

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I am the fox that swims. Foxes in Minecraft are the best and the cutest. They move so fast, except when they start swimming in the water.
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Shearing wild sheep for wool to make a bed. Some people like to
"tame" their sheep first with wheat, but I just craft a pair of shears and get them in the wild.
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Hello, little chickens. I've got these delicious wheat seeds so that I can tame you. Oh, you see I am hungry and only have one health? Don't worry, I just want you as a pet. Yeah, just a pet. I would never, ever kill you and cook you and eat you.
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My cave house, viewed from the outside.
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After surviving baby zombie attack, I reinforced my entrance to make the cave a little safer. No more death from above attacks!
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A group of baby zombies attacked me on the first night of my new survival game. They kept dropping in one-by-one from the roof, where I accidentally left an opening. I survived the onslaught, but just barely.
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A pretty and serene scene for my first night in Minecraft. I hope I will survive the onslaught of creepers, zombies, skeletons, and spiders.
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I was lucky and found some iron right away.
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I usually run around the starting/spawning area to find some coal that's out in the open. You don't need coal for the first night because you can burn wood to make charcoal instead. But I like coal because it's more efficient for burning than charcoal. And usually you can find a whole bunch of it above ground if you take a few minutes to look.
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